The answer to this is in FIANZ interview but I can add a few points:-

This project is a building and park to form continued education, contemplation and interaction of who we are as one community despite where we come from and what faith we follow.

When people talk of a memorial – these are usually monumental stones or plates on graves or walls.  This Project is not that monument – rather an extension from that a place which will bring the memory of what happened not only on 15th March 2019 but even more so what we as a country did after that and how did the world saw us as country which forever has changed us who live here and our place in how we are represented in the world.  We are different from the world because of how the history of NZ has been from other parts of the world.  Our history in this country as Kiwis is unique with Tanagatawhenua, Treaty of Waitangi and our forever open arms to all races and cultures.  It’s not a surprise that NZ is sitting on top-placed of most peaceful state in the world despite how we perceive ourselves from inside.  The world perceives us as the best place to visit and live in and this project is celebrating that as well as will function as continuity of that in architecture and its operation within which includes EDUCATION, CONTEMPLATION, CONFERENCING, ETC.