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When our Rotorua architecture team undertake any project, we always ask ourselves a number of questions. Will our buildings leave the planet richer than we found it? Will current and future generations give thanks for our buildings and the environment we create? If our buildings are not going to improve the world and create a surplus, can we do better?



Green Architecture is about creating architecture that would produce more than what the architecture consumes in its creation.

Good architecture and landscape architecture has the power to heal, both spiritually and physically. New hospitals and healing centres are drawing on the expertise of Green architects from all over the world to help design positive environments. Private health company, Circle recently employed the services of Norman Foster & Partners to design The CircleBath hospital in Bath, England. Charity organisation ‘Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres‘ commissioned some of the biggest names in architecture: Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Richard Rogers and Kisho Kurokawa to design innovative buildings in which to assist people in need.

You could say that green architecture heals, in the same way that our bodies constantly seek to heal themselves. Green architectural principles are wholly embraced by Aladina & the apa Architects & Project Managers team and are applied as standard as an example of good architectural practice.

Rotorua Green Architecture