As the Architect I can explain as follows:-

The Project need or idea of a project like this IS coming from FIANZ and the supporters and those who are backing the idea and not the Architect. The Architectural concept is what has developed from the symbolism of Koru and Pikorua along with the world’s most popular faiths symbolism about light, water, heaven and earth. As FIANZ has pointed out – the project can be scaled down to just the Koru building with a lot smaller park setting to what our architectural concept shows.  The concept does, however, attempts to capture three points:

  • what is it in the universe that unites all races, faiths and cultures – 1. CHILDREN; 2. WATER; 3. EDUCATION.
  • These three subjects are then implemented into the functions that then form the design idea which then springs out the architecture born off the symbolism of pikorua.