Before we get bombarded on why so expensive talk lets address the fact that there are two parts of the project concept – the building and the park and both can be scaled to whatever we want. The other point is that this kind of expense is not new to us in NZ – we have several Memorial HALLS and parks built all around NZ to remember the soldiers who fought for the country.

The world has multimillion-dollar memorial Museums, churches, mosques,  temples and symposium halls.  So here our client is taking the energy offered to them from local and international leadership to seek what if at all we can achieve if we put our minds to test in building and architecture. At first, we looked at the building only and we estimated between 1m – 2m – depending on material and technology we chose to work with.  The park with a full water feature as depicted could cost from 5m – 10m too much more depending on the scale we try to go to.

The building form is of koru shape and the structurally we would look to use lightweight timber technology along with cavity system of lightweight brick plastered.  This will be for the reason of compliance to the earthquake and also promoting NZ timber technology.  The lattice patterned shed over the whole architecture is the architectural feature which we would explore in using the “sail products” to depict Kiwi SAILING CULTURE.