apa Architects Head Up $30 Million+ Project in Fiji

A major development project in Fiji that has been in the planning for over two years is finally moving ahead after partnering with a major offshore bank. The team at apa Architects have been heavily involved in bringing this project to fruition.

“Fiji Muslim League has also sought services of New Zealand architects, apa Architects and Project […]

apa Architects Head Up $30 Million+ Project in Fiji2016-09-05T00:50:34+12:00

apa architects on Te Karere

It’s an architect company that’s different from most. Its mission is to work with people and the environment. Since its inception in Aotearoa, apa Architects has been working extensively with iwi designing and building marae structures. Hinerangi Goodman with this report.

apa architects on Te Karere2016-05-12T20:17:58+12:00

Tanatana Wharemate Completed

A Dream Project for Great People of Tanatatana, Tuhoe get its completed. The Journey started with Trustees inviting apa architects and Project Management principal Aladina Harunani. Project completed in $300k.

Tanatana Wharemate Completed2016-05-12T20:18:26+12:00